The purpose of this website is to gather and to diffuse the personal project I am currently working on, following Claude Shannon’s “information theory”, trying to apply and extend it to various other fields. Clearly defining the concept of information, and understanding its properties provides us with a new framework to clearly analyze and apprehend many domains of our universe.

I will focus on the digital tool, and the way it dramatically modifies our economies, our societies. I will attempt to give you new keys in order to discern what is this tool, its physical foundations on which it relies, and the possibilities we gain from it. Besides this, I will try to clear out some cryptic or erroneous notions that are unfortunately propagated, by trend or language abuse, contributing to the deformed representation we have concerning the digital revolution. On a long term perspective, I wish to expand this work on a plethora of various domains, such as biology or linguistics.

Teleidesis” defines the capacity to access information from afar, one of the digital tool’s main feature. This notion shall be the theme of this website, and will be explained more into the details with the coming articles. The name comes from the old Greek : τῆλε, tễle which means far, and from εἴδησις, eídêsis which means knowledge. The latter seems to be barely used anymore, as opposed to γνῶσις, gnôsis (as in Gnosticism) or επιστήμη, épistémê (as epistemology). These two terms already have a wide history, and heavy connotations : in religion for gnosis, in philosophy and sciences for épistémê. I preferred a term deprived of any link, so as to perfectly describe the neutrality of information we can gain, or the tool we use to fulfill this action.